Assistances for the Offshore Wind Power Generation
-Towards the Energy Self-Sufficiency and a Carbon-Free Society

Japan has limited energy resources, and there are rapidly growing expectations for the renewable energy to secure the stable energy supply and establish a carbon-free society. The commercialization of the offshore wind power generation is a key policy for Japan, which is surrounded by the sea.
As a professional consultant on marine issues, we provide assistances for the offshore wind power generation, such as surveys and analyses, with our expertise and networks in the hydraulic engineering and fisheries.

Investigations for the Siting of an Offshore Wind Farm;

Investigations and Analyses for the Development and Design of an Offshore Wind Farm;

  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and its follow-up surveys解析

  • Measurements and Analyses of the Wave, Current and Water Quality for EIA調査

  • Assessments of the Topographic Changes and Scours at the Sea Bottom Associated with the Construction of an Offshore Wind Farm調査

  • Surveys on Marine Organisms with a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)解析設計

  • Assistances to Obtain a Certificate for an Offshore Wind Farm through the Assessment of its Siting調査

  • Estimations of the Operation Availability of an Offshore Wind Farm referring to its Construction and Maintenance Requirements解析国際気象海洋(ALCグループ)

Consulting for the Commercialization and Continuity of an Offshore Wind Farm;

  • Information Services on the Real-Time Meteorology & Hydrography and Their Forecasts国際気象海洋(ALCグループ)

  • Harmony with Local Fisheries through the Installation/Creation of Artificial Reefs, Seaweed Beds and Aquaculture/Fattening Facilities調査

  • Assessments of the Impacts on Fisheries by the Surveys on the Present Local Fisheries before the Offshore Wind Power Generation, and the Predictions & Monitoring of its Impacts調査

  • Measurements and Analyses of the Underwater Noise and Seabed Vibration調査

  • Predictions and Monitoring of the Fish-Gathering Effects of an Offshore Wind Farm, for example, through the Image Analyses and the Identifications of Environmental DNAs調査

Examples of Business Outcomes